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Salt Enhances Safety; Can Harm Environment

Salt season is upon us.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: The Plus of a Progressive Prosecutor

I wish to address concerns raised by a previous letter to the editor concerning inadequacies of Progressive Prosecutors due to their lack of experiencing previous decades where crime was higher.

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‘We Are Devastated’ in Alexandria

Atlantis Family Restaurant closing after 38 years

Long before celebrity chefs invaded the local culinary scene, there were Bill and Jim Patrianakos, who opened an unassuming restaurant in 1983 in an effort to provide quality food at reasonable prices.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Many of Taylor Run Trees Slated for Euthanasia Are 100+ Years Old

If you use relevant soils data to calculate phosphorus savings from the City’s planned $10 million “restorations” of Taylor Run, Strawberry Run, and Lucky Run, rather than using the strange assumptions that the City does, these projects would achieve less than a fourth of the environmental benefit that the City claims.

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Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Vote for Sarah Brady Elementary School

Why not recognize our teachers and rename the Maury Elementary School for a former Alexandria Elementary Public School teacher who gained national prominence promoting public safety for all Americans?