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Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Supporting Allison Silberberg

Allison Silberberg is our City’s best choice for mayor.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Who Should Pay Reparations?

In attempting to advance a case for reparations, Elisabeth Vodola blurs what should be a bright line between the U.S. and Britain.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Mayor Wilson Doesn’t Deserve Attacks

We served on City Council with both Mayor Justin Wilson and former Mayor Allison Silberberg, who issued a statement on March 25, announcing her candidacy for Mayor.

Opinion: Commentary: Road Diet, Mumble Strips, Speed Enforcement

Proposed safety fixes for GW Parkway, which can be incredibly dangerous for motorists and pedestrians alike.

The George Washington Parkway is a scenic and vital thoroughfare running through the 30th District.

Opinion: Column: Hitting The Nail on the Head

What are all these "Toe Nail Clipper" emails I receive nearly every day?

Tease photo

Opinion: Commentary: Earth Day – Then and Now

Fifty-one years ago, in 1970, the first Earth Day took place on April 22.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: New Voting Rights Act in Virginia: Changes for Alexandria?

Just recently a federal judge ruled that the “at large” method Virginia Beach uses to elect Council Members is illegal and can’t be used in future elections as It violates the Voting Rights Act, which in turn dilutes the voting power of the minorities.

Opinion: Commentary: Black History and Economic Case for Reparations

Alexandria's outstanding Black History resources will soon be tested by a post-pandemic surge in educational travel, augmented by Americans (and others) who learned belatedly from last summer's events that their own traditional schooling had omitted some central truths about U.S. history.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Leave Lee District Name

I am writing to respond to Mike Salmon’s recent article in the Springfield Connection concerning a Zoom meeting held by Lee District supervisor Rodney Lusk about the possibility of renaming the Lee District.

Opinion: Column: Being Driven Only Slightly Crazy

So this is what it's like to be out of the house and driving around: mask on, surgical gloves in the console, hand sanitizer in the glove box; not so different than before my two Covid-19 vaccinations.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Seifeldein Endorses Jennifer Carroll Foy for Governor

As Virginia works to recover from the COVID-19 crisis that robbed us of loved ones, shuttered businesses, and hurt countless Virginian families across our Commonwealth, we face two distinct choices: do we look forward, or do we look back?

Opinion: Column: Good News Travels Slowly

Sure enough, the email from my oncologist didn't arrive in my inbox before we left for the weekend away on Friday.

Opinion: Column: Time Will Tell

Ordinarily, I'd be writing this column this weekend – after this week's events.

Opinion: Editorial: We Still Need Your Help

We all need community newspapers; community newspapers need your help.

You need local newspapers.

Opinion: Commentary: Getting My Covid Shot: Proud To Be an Alexandrian

The Republican in me was ready for everything to be screwed up.