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Alexandria Opinion


Opinion: Letter to the Editor: This Year’s Crop of Potholes in Alexandria

As I drive around Old Town, I continually come upon numerous potholes and ruts that have obviously developed over the winter.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Fully Fund Our Libraries

Place the rain barrel for the library budget prominently under the new shower of federal funding (Gazette, July 22, "The New New Deal"), please.

Opinion: Commentary: Economic Recovery Is More Than Escaping COVID-19

Our local economy is in a precarious position, and it’s not just because of pandemic

Over the last year, our economy struggled to hang on amidst unpredictable changes in pandemic regulations, with over 45 percent of small businesses in the region closing permanently or temporarily, and roughly 49,000 Fairfax County residents remain unemployed.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Free and Open Exchange Benefits All

Across the nation, state lawmakers are actively working to prevent students from having an open and equitable history education - one that both acknowledges the role of racism in the United States and portrays the lived realities and viewpoints of people in marginalized communities accurately.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Let’s Have an Intellectually Honest Gubernatorial Contest

As a lifelong Republican who voted for Trump twice, I’m truly dismayed by our party’s reliance on false narrative and grievance-driven politics.

Opinion: Column: Definitely on My List

As the month of May was swept away with the last of the network-season's original programming, those of us still in lockdown and quarantining had our own reality to embrace: there was nothing new on network television.

Opinion: Column: Time to Kill

(Again, not a cancer column. Given the title, it would be a pretty gruesome reference to my life in the cancer world if it were.)

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Pay Alexandria City Employees Fairly

The Alexandria City Government has a pay philosophy for its employees that salaries will “be competitive at a minimum with the average pay” of its comparators.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Plant Clinic Needed in Climate Crisis in Alexandria

When I completed my Master Gardener training in 1981, several of my classmates and I wanted to set up a plant clinic at the Alexandria Farmers' Market.

Opinion: Column: I'm the Big Winner

(Not a cancer column.)

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Consider Guaranteed Basic Income with Rescue Funding

As clergy, we understand how COVID-19 tested our communities’ resolve in more ways than one.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Boost City’s Investment in Childcare Workforce

On July 6, the Alexandria City Council will vote to decide how nearly $56.4 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) will be used.

Opinion: Column: And the “Scancer” Is...

And the "Scancer" Is... ...stable, with a side of shrinkage, however modest.